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You can make LIVE REQUESTS on Beauty From Ashes Radio because I (Michael-Andros Trueheart) now use SAM Broadcaster. However DJ lynne-karone jones does not so you will have to contact her directly for a request. This radio station obeys the laws regarding Internet Broadcasting which can be found when you read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. This piece of law was passed by the United States Congress several years ago. One of the statements made in this documents is that you (the listener & requester) must wait 1 hour before your song(s) can be played. I know that sounds bad. However I have SAM Broadcaster set up so that you, the listener can request 20 songs every 60 minutes but no more than 50 times per day.
You can make requests during these times that I have SAM Broadcaster streaming:
Midnight to 8AM (Monday Morning)
5PM to Midndight (Monday Evening)
Midnight to 8AM (Tuesday through Friday)
8PM to Midnight (Tuesday Evening)
5PM to Midnight (Wednesday Evening)
9PM to Midnight (Thursday Evening)
All Day Saturday
All Day Sunday

We don't like having to wait an hour to play your requests but that is the law and to remain covered by Loudcity, it's important that we follow the law. Because they can't cover us if we break the law.

We are a legal internet radio station because we are licensed to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.